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Mine Owner & Trade

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Our services will be as follows:

  • Providing metallic & non metallic projects in any stage of exploration.
  • Modeling, resource appraisal and feasibility studies.
  • Execution of projects in stages of reconnaissance, prospecting, general and detailed exploration.
  • Geological mapping in different scales of 1:100000 to 1:500.
  • Image processing and remote sensing (Using satellite Images).
  • Microscopic studies (petrographic thin sections, ore mineralography polished thin sections, double polished thin sections and fluid inclusion micro thermometry studies).
  • Geochemical studies in different scales of 1:100000 to 1:1000.
  • Geotechnical, environmental & engineering studies.
  • Study of raw materials for concrete, tile & ceramic factories.
    Laboratory facilities (XRD, XRF, ICPMS and …).
  • Holding technical- engineering conferences.
  • Geosciences educational workshops.



Geological activities:

  • Image processing and remote sensing (based on satellite Images)
  • Geomorphologic/geotechnical studies.
  • Tectonic and joint studies.
  • Petrological studies.
  • Geological mapping in (small & large) scales.
  • Definition of lithological & petrological & lithostratigraphical facies.


Exploration activities:

  • Project Management.
  • Reconnaissance, prospecting, general and detailed exploration.
  • Technical and feasibility studies.
  • Supervision on drilling (bore holes- trench), well logging, sampling and data collection.
  • Modeling and resource appraisal with "Gemcom, Datamine" software.
  • Grid design excavations based on geochemical-geophysical data.
  • Geological exploration mapping in large /small scale.
  • Geochemical studies in different scales.
  • Exploration of (copper porphyry type) mineralization.
  • Gold exploration based on Bleg sampling.



Commercial Services:

Being able to:

  • Provide necessary data of all kinds of building stones, minerals, mining materials, precious (Gem) stones, mining instrument, bore hole spare parts instruments, drilling machine, with international quality standards and professional technical support.
  • Communicate to indoor & outdoor business owners and related professions. (Import-Export)
  • Open and opportunity for investment in (metallic & Non metallic) deposit in Iran. Quarries (mines), Minerals, Raw materials, Natural stone, Gem stone (precious) and etc…
  • Negotiation and bargaining with sellers and customers to reach the competitive price.
  • Financial guarantee.
  • Find foreign partnership through your projects.
  • Help reduce overall costs of projects and different purchasing services.
  • Take care of all client requirements, guaranteeing value for money and the finest of service.
  • Foreign investment opportunities.


  • Natural Stone/Quarry/Manufacture
  • (Metallic, Nonmetallic) mine minerals
  • Precious stones / Gem stones
  • Investment opportunity

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