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Mine Owner & Trade

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GOHAR KAVAN NAB TABRIZ has been successfully active since 2000 especially in geological studies as well as exploration of metallic and non metallic minerals.

Based on more than 30 years of professional experience in geological survey of Iran, and considering our defined strategic plans, we have brought together an expert group experienced in geology and exploration mining, minerals and raw materials processing industries, natural stones, gemstones, and other engineering consultant fields.

Technical Service & Support Group: This is the main part of SSK Company. This department mainly consists of geologist engineers and also experts in other fields ...

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Geological activities:

  • Image processing and remote sensing (based on satellite Images)
  • Geomorphologic/geotechnical studies.
  • Tectonic and joint studies.
  • Petrological studies.
  • Geological mapping in (small & large) scales.
  • Definition of lithological & petrological & lithostratigraphical facies.


  • Natural Stone/Quarry/Manufacture
  • (Metallic, Nonmetallic) mine minerals
  • Precious stones / Gem stones
  • Investment opportunity

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